A Goal, a Wish, and a Gish for 2011

So, the holidays are over. Or at least Christmas is over. (I’ll write a blog later about my holidays. It involves stress, humor, and a turducken.) Now the focus turns to the New Year and what are your resolutions. I'm not big on resolutions. It's a scary word, like it should be accompanied by a guillotine or something, or at least a scary voice proclaiming WHAT ARE YOUR RESOLUTIONS with a freaky reverb on the word ‘resolutions’. I do like making lists, though, I just like to tweak it a bit.

I have my New Years' Goals....but then I also have a separate list for Wishes. Goals are something I can attain if I work really hard. Wishes are something that need a little bit of magic. Last year, I had a goal to finish another book. I did that in November. But I also wished to find love in my life. It took almost a year, but the wish was granted. Maybe because I was really, really specific.

It's that whole Law of Attraction thing. I had an idea of the perfect partner for me so I wrote him a letter. Last January I read the letter every night. (If I can find it I’ll post it.) It was cheesy and said things like “I know you’re out there for me. You are kind and funny and warm and love me just as I am.” That sort of thing. I tried to believe in the letter, but around February I gave up. The letter was with me though, in the deepest recesses of my heart…so when I dated Biff, I knew in my heart that the letter wasn’t to him. I tried to be okay with that. As time passed, I realized I wasn’t okay with that.

Now, almost a year after I wrote the cheesy letter, I know the man I wrote it for: Kealoha. Funny thing is, I’ve known him for years…but it honestly took the right timing for me to see him in a new way. So, my wish was granted. I now have love in my life, besides the love of my kids.

So…what are your goals and wishes for the New Year? I have a goal, a gish, and a wish. My goal is to walk a mile a day (that’s 365 miles in a year). I can totally do that. That’s manageable if I’m focused enough.

My gish (goal/wish) is that I can find an agent for “Foodies Rush In”. I love the publisher I’m with now, but I want something bigger. I want wider distribution and my books in stores. It’s a gish because part of it will involve magic, and the other part will involve my hard work and perseverance. I’ll need to send out query letters, brave rejection, and maybe even attend a conference in New York to meet some agents, but I’ll do it. And my wish? Honestly, I’m very happy right now.

I guess my wish is that Kealoha and I stay together and I take good care of my kids and keep them happy and that I have a good job for the rest of 2011. These are things that are possible, but not entirely in my control. I believe that wishes can be granted though.

Forget resolutions, but tell me your goals and wishes or even a gish for the New Year. I think if you put it out there in writing, it makes the idea more tangible. I’ll send you wishes that you get what your heart desires. For real.