A Note and Two Possible Hangover Cures

It’s 2011! Twenty-eleven. Holy cannoli. This makes me feel…

Surprisingly good. Not only is it a new year…but a new decade. And I’m starting mine off with Kealoha and lots of adventures (and no doubt misadventures) to come.

Last night we had Chinese food and then once the kids were in bed, Kealoha gave me a back rub, followed by rubbing my head. That immediately relaxed me to the point that I was drooling. “Must. Crawl. To. Couch.” I said. Kealoha talked to me for a while. I don’t know what he said. I was too busy snoring. It was 8:30 PM.

There was a time when I would’ve stayed up at all night drinking gin&tonics and having awkward drunken conversations with people. Then I would’ve called or sent drunken emails to old boyfriends, crushes, and just random people.

So if you’re looking for a hangover cure, I have two. Both of these are HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC. The first, I recommend. Drink a ton of water and eat a ridiculously large breakfast from a restaurant consisting (but not limited to) hash browns, bacon, biscuit and gravy, an over medium egg with toast, and coffee. Then go to sleep. The massive breakfast will soak up all the alcohol in your system and/or put you into a carbo-load induced deep sleep.

If you need a quick fix, then try option #2. Watch an action sequence from Lord of the Rings. Turn it up really loud. Try to watch all the camera moves. Within a half hour, you should be rushing for the bathroom and ‘getting rid of’ all the alcohol poisoning your system. I did this once. It’s not a method I recommend but it was a quick fix to a hangover. I like the carbohydrate way more.

Cheers and Happy New Beginning.