A Note on The Royal Wedding and Bin Laden's Death

I was going to blog just about the Royal Wedding, but then I went to Twitter and Facebook and checked online and saw the headlines “Osama Bin Laden Is Dead”. Now blogging about the Royal Wedding at all seems silly.  

On second thought…


We were at San Chez this weekend having mojitos and tres leches.

(We'd just come from Olive Garden where we celebrated Kealhoa's Grandma's 95th birthday with his parents). The place was packed with graduates celebrating, people going to prom, and bridal showers. It was a bevy of balloons, sequins, and general hoots of delight. I was meeting some of Kealoha’s friends for the first time. There was a group of ten of us. A really interesting group of people who are quirky, funny, and super intelligent. A few of the guys were members of the Center for Inquiry. I’m not exactly sure what that is, but I think it’s a philosophy of discourse that focuses more on science than emotion or religion. I think. And that’s cool with me. I like that. Although, if there was a Center For Emotion, I'd probably join that team. Anyway...So when I mentioned the Royal Wedding there was a general groan, sort of, why should we care about that and it wasted so much money.


I agreed that the UK spent a lot of money, but again, I’ll repeat my point. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a political event that celebrates love and commitment. Then one of the guys said, “But William hasn’t done anything except be born wealthy”. And that’s true too. At the same time, he is a symbol. He can’t help it. It’s who he is. What he does with that...well...time will tell.


I enjoyed the grandeur of the wedding because it celebrates tradition and fantasy at the same time. Why not give a country a day off to have a wedding? Why not focus on hats and dresses for one day? Why not throw a party that has nothing to do with a polarized election? In short, what’s wrong with having a little fun? In fact, in a similar way, everyone at San Chez was celebrating something. We were celebrating a 95th birthday earlier, and then a gluten-free menu and just getting together for fun...others were celebrating those life milestones like graduating and going to prom and maybe getting nookie for the first time. Whoah! Big stuff.


Switch to this morning’s news. Twitter was on fire with tweets like “Thank God that bastard’s dead” and “Muther f***er got what he deserved!” I think for me the most disturbing image is a photo of Americans cheering.


Now, I lived in New York on September 11, and on that day, I wanted the U.S. to go after anyone even remotely associated with that horrible day. Ten years later what I want is different. I just want to live my life simply, celebrate the good stuff, and be there for the people I love. And while I think  politically, his death is important and a symbol of something too, it also makes me nervous. I think the news should be accepted soberly and with knowledge of the weight of its importance, not with cheers. And I hope it stops here. I really do.


Call me simple-minded, but I’d rather see us cheering for a wedding, than cheering for a death. Anyone’s death, whether we think it’s deserved or not. So. Back to that wedding. I’m really hoping it stirs a craze for ridiculous hats because I’ve got my glue gun fired up and ready to go.