A Recipe for Flaming Turtles

If you're reading Blunder Woman, you may have wondered, wow, what exactly is Hippie Hash? Or what's arecipe for a Flaming Turtle?

The answer? No one knows. They're both products of Tanya's twisted Fantasy World. But that doesn't mean they can't become reality. 

To make her fantasy a reality, Tanya contacted her friend EZ (aka RBJ aka Russell Belvadere Johosafat Parsimion III) to see if he could actually create a real, live flaming turtle...that is a drink and not an actual reptile set aflame. Here is his delicious response:

"My thought on a 'turtle' is that it is a slow drink. Something warm on a winter's night. I sugar the rim of a brandy snifter (cinnamon and sugar works better) and then add a half shot of Contriuea. Contreau? Cointrieau? The French orange liquor. Contreau is flamable where Grand Marnier is not....

Light the liquor, swirl the flame over the sugar cinnamon until it carmelizes on the rim... then you can add Godiva for the chocolate....Quite Possibly a Flaming Turtle

As for mixers.... Hot chocolate, coffee, or half and half ought to work nicely. The coffee version with whipped cream is actually one of my specialties.

I don't know if you can float Cointrteaiu or not, thus allowing you to serve it "flaming"... But flaming the rim works about as well...

Or you can float brandy and flame it as you present.

The hint of orange with the chocolate would be sensational."