Balls, Glorious, Balls (literally, not, you know the other way)

Imagine your average juggler: tight pants, crazy ruffled shirt, kooky hat. Now imagine that they're not very good. Sure, they can juggle one ball in the air...but that's not really juggling. That's more of a 'throw up and catch' sort of thing. Toss another ball in there and, wow, two balls, pretty impressive. Add twenty more. That poor juggler! Balls flying everywhere, raining from the skies.

But maybe, maybe when all the stars align that same juggler will have two maybe three seconds of success, when all the balls are floating in the air and you (the  watcher) think "My God, maybe this time it's going to work".

Juggler of many pretty balls

Juggler of many pretty balls

Super extended metaphor but I feel like that juggler. Except I really don't like tight pants (though Keeley swears my jeans are all one size too big and the jeans she forced me to buy--size 8--are now my favorite).

Why all the ball references? Besides that any time I mention balls I giggle like a school girl?

My life is balls. Balls balls balls. 

Mmmm. Balls. 

Now I'm distracted. Okay. Focusing. Focusing.

Here's what's happening: I am tired of being a wannabe-writer. I want to make a living at this. So I'm juggling about a hundred balls in the air hoping that at one moment, they'll all float magically and maybe that agent or publisher will pause and say "You know she's got something there".

Here's what I'm doing, much of it you'll find here:

1) Audio version of "Easy Does It"

2) Podcasts of "Blunder Woman"

3) Recording of radio play "Hot Summer Cool Breeze"

4) Recording of radio plays that are sci-fi and medical dramadies

5) Performance at Dog Story

6) Praying to the Gods that someone buys my book. (Thanks to Dana for actually trying to convince a book club to read it)

7) More writing workshops

8 ) Idea of turning "Blunder Woman" into a screenplay or webcast.

9) New narration website so I can get paying gigs

10) Attempting new jamming recipes (which really doesn't pertain to any of this, but I like making jam.)

Something's got to work, yes? Oh, and I'm still working on this new mystery.

So. I'm going to ask you dear readers a favor. If you like my work, take a little pity and spread the word. The more people who see what I'm doing, the better chance I have of having something actually happen. Not that you need to do this or should feel obligated, but a girl can ask for a little help. I'm trying to entertain, but I also want to eat. And wear pretty clothes. And smell good.