Blogomania Find the Funny

I'm sitting here and it's 6:31 in the morning. So dark out you'd think it was midnight. And I'm about to blog. Blogging alone, with myself. Sounds mildly naughty. And ho-hum, it's not. I've neglected my poor, sweet blog and have just been posting podcasts of "Easy Does It". Why? Because I'm lazy? I don't think I'm lazy, exactly. Keeley says she thinks I'm the most naturally restless person she knows. I tend to agree with her. No, it's more like when you sit to blog, you sort of open yourself up to the world.

Hmm. Again that sounds mildly naughty. Let's just clear that from our minds right now. No images of masturbation...Ommmmmmm.

Okay. Phew. So. Blogging can be intensely personal, if you're being really, really honest. And to be really, really honest, my life is in a bit of a shitstorm right now. (Shitstorm is a highly technical term meaning the outcome of the Chaos Theory.) It's not all bad, just, you know incredibly stressful. And what is it about butterflies? A butterfly beats its wings and California falls into the ocean? Yeah. That's my life right now. I've made a series of decisions that sounded great at the time, like butterfly wings flapping, and now, California. Meet ocean.

Should I blog about this stuff? Why not. It's either this or I go slowly insane...and I really don't want to start going all Edgar Allan Poe. That's cliche anyway. And a romantic comedy writer cannot go Edgar Allan Poe because it's creepy and just plain wrong.

So here's my challenge to myself, and to you as readers. I'm going to try and Find the Funny in all the stupid decisions I've made, and I'm going to BLOG about them. If you're in my life in some capacity, BEWARE, because I plan not to hold any secrets. I'm done with secrets. They give you wrinkles.

I'm taking suggestions on blog topics too, so it's not entirely self-centered. Here are some suggestions I've received: water on the moon, football, Afghanistan, dating, kids, Twitter, Thanksgiving, and sex.

I'll talk about all of it. ALL OF IT. And I hope you'll be reading*.

*and that one day you'll buy one of my books so I don't go entirely broke which is looking more and more likely.