Blunder Woman to be Published in July 2010

It’s finally happened. And dreams do come true. I’m pleased to say that the stars have aligned and “Blunder Woman” is going to be a real, live book…in July 2010, published by Champagne Books. Thank you all for reading and stopping by the site. I’ll keep posting podcasts of “Easy Does It”, orginal radio plays by me and Keeley Geary, and updates on “Blunder Woman”. And…I may even post some of the new MYSTERY I’m working on. Yes. Mystery. But with plenty of humor, cause, you know death is so hysterical.

Hmmm. Might need to keep working on it a bit before I post.

At any rate, let me know what you think of all this stuff…and as always, if you want to help out, just spread the word. Dana H. is convincing friends to start a book club with “Easy Does It”. And I now owe her a dollar. And a drink. And possibly my soul. Spread the word and I’ll give you a little of my soul too. Or at least a backrub.

Lots of love and appropriately comfortable kisses,