Okay. As often happens, I have a huge tantrum, cry, fuss, throw up (I have a weak stomach), and then the next day I’m fine. So, I’m not in love, in a relationship, dating. Plenty more time for me to focus on being a mom and a good person…and to get things in order. Yep. I’m getting things in order. Working out, working hard, writing. That’s what I’m trying to do. Get things in order. For what? The apocalypse? God, I hope not. Naw. I’m getting my life in order so when something like this happens:

I’ll be ready for it. Plus, this gives me time to slim down. I wouldn't want to give the guy a hernia from having to hold me up.

Universe, yes, you’ve let me down. I forgive you though. You have good things coming for me*. Great things.

*If not, I’ll kick your ass.