Brief Conversation With My Friend Lisa

A friend of mine, Lisa, and I have been walking around Reed's Lake every week-ish for over a year. It started out as exercise but has quickly become mutual therapy. We listen to each other vent, give each other advice, solve each other's problems. It's terrific. And somehow we've managed to have our many freak-outs on separate walks, so that when she's freaking out, I can therapist her. When I'm freaking out, she therapists me. Yeah. I just made 'therapist' into a verb.

Here's a sample of our conversation from this morning.

LISA: I don't know. I've just become so judgmental and angry lately that I really I think I should wear a tshirt that says "I'm God!"

ME: It's okay, Lisa. I don't think you're God.

LISA: But I do! That's just it!

Ahhhh. Then I told her that I should wear a t-shirt that says "I'm A Bitch" especially when I'm trying to 'set boundaries'. I waited for Lisa to say "I don't think you're a bitch"...which she DID...but after a very, very long pause.

Gosh, I love our walks. Really.