Bumper Stickers, Amish, Bigfoot, and Finding the Funny

Usually I focus on pretty serious stuff on my blog…except for, well, the ridiculous odes and stories about my obsession with sandwiches. And I thought about writing a serious topic today tentatively called Why Romantic Comedy Writers are Like the Scoliosis Girl in Sixteen Candles. I will write that blog, but not today.

Today. Random stuff.

I’m holiday shopping and to my great joy and amazement I have discovered (thank you, Kealoha) an actual site where you can buy a Sasquatch Christmas tree ornament. I mean, this is brilliant. What says Christmas better than Big Foot? Or in Big Foot’s language “ARRRRRRRRR”. Yeah, Bigfoot sounds a little like a pirate, but that’s because there’s probably genetically some pirate in him.

Christmas makes me crazy emotional, especially now that the kids are in the whole phase where Christmas Magic is Real. And it’s a little sad because they split the holiday at their dad’s. From their dad’s house, the kids will get the religious background on Christmas and what it means to our culture and spirituality.

At my house, they’ll understand why bad holiday sweaters and fruitcake and songs about running over Grandma are important to our psyche. I truly believe that laughter is magical too.

It’s why I actually spend time brainstorming possible bumper stickers like:



My God is an Alien

I like laughing. It feels good. And I like being ridiculous. And I especially like that this Christmas I don’t have to be all emo and serious all the time. I’m dating a guy who not only likes my quirky ideas for a holiday party, but actually has 3 cookbooks with 1950’s style groovy recipes and a book called Kitschmas.

About ten years ago, (wow) I lived in NYC and went through 9/11. I decided to move home. I wanted to give back to the community so took a job at Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, a cancer support community. One of my jobs (besides fundraising and grants) was to work on a newsletter and try to find the humor in a journey with cancer. Seriously. I have to say, this job had a radical effect on my life and now my career. It made me pause and work to find the funny in even the most difficult of times.

Today I sat in the audience while Gilda’s Club GR unveiled LaughFest, a festival of laughter that will run for ten-days in March. I helped write the copy for their website and some promotional stuff. I wasn’t wearing a cape in the audience, but I did feel like I was finally using my little power, the power of words and humor, for the good.

See? Even in humor there’s something serious.

So my meandering, random blog ends with the thought of encouraging you to take a pause and find the funny in your day. And if that’s trying to find a Christmas ornament of Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. then I’m right with you.

Seriously. I’m right with you. If there’s a Bigfoot ornament, I just gotta believe there’s one of Tom Selleck.

That’s another bumper sticker:

I Believe in The Magic of Tom Selleck.

Have a lovely day.