Comfort Food

After yesterday's emotional post, I felt like today should be about comfort. Comfort food in particular. I'm a bit of a foodie. I say 'a bit' because I enjoy good, wholesome, home-cooked or chef-cooked meals; I do not enjoy foie gras popsicles rolled in pop rock candy. So, I'm not that level of foodie. I'm more of a Pot Roast Foodie. Here are two of my all-time favorite comfort food recipes that I make over and over. If you serve them together, you'd probably have a carb overload. In other words, you'd be blissed out and in heaven.

These aren't MY recipes. They're generated by the mysterious internet. But look these up. Pin them to your Pinterest blog, and then make them for your loved ones when you need a hug in the shape of a warm meal.


Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.00.18 AM

This bread is so comforting and delicious. You can make it as the recipe indicates, or just roll the dough balls in regular old butter for a traditional loaf. I said 'balls' and 'loaf' in the same sentence and that brings me joy. It's from The Pastry Affair website. There's a lot of salt, but it helps with the flavor. The link: HERE.


cheesy cauliflower and chicken casserole

Because I am a Midwesterner, I am most comforted by casseroles. This one has it all. And it's white. Who doesn't love a white casserole? *crickets*

This makes a ton, but it's delicious. Cheesy. There's cauliflower in there paired perfectly with rotisserie chicken. It's just...amazing. From the Serious Eats website where they have some terrific recipes. Link: HERE

Foodies say: "Bon Appetit". Pot Roast Foodies say: "Eat up. Enjoy! Slip into a food coma!"