Confessions of a Temporary-Minor-Local-Celebrity (Wannabe)

Today I was on the Clarice Drew Show, a local radio station program and it was lovely. I had a peculiar moment where I sort of felt like a real, honest to goodness, minor local celebrity. I think maybe because the show had contacted me because they wanted to interview me. They contacted ME. I didn’t coerce, or throw a tantrum, or seduce with cookies. They actually WANTED to talk to me. So that was nice. And surreal.

Clarice read “Blunder Woman” and actually quoted from it. (I’ll post the link later.) The whole experience made me look back on this little promotional campaign I’ve been doing for “Blunder Woman” and my writing in general. Here are some highlights:

  • After an interview on “Eight West” both Teri Deboer and Rachel Ruiz seemed to be talking to me at exactly the same time, and both a mile a minute. Teri wanted to set me up with some newly single dad golfing buddy and Rachel wanted to tell me all about her dating escapades. I would’ve gotten more details, but they had an interview with Spunky the Dog coming up next.

  • I sat in the green room at “Take Five” with an awkward group of people. There were two grandmother types in matching holiday sweaters, and a man holding onto a plastic replica of the seven pounds of fat that most people gain over the holidays. The fat was yellow and bumpy. There was also a really nervous younger buff guy who was going to talk about gift ideas for senior citizens. He had a basket of yarn and a Snuggie and I had to stop myself from saying “Dude. What are you thinking? No senior citizen wants that. The senior citizens I know would much prefer a vibrator. Just ask those grandmas.”

  • And who can forget my temper tantrum over the Press not running the article when they said they would. They eventually ran the interview and it was great. I just had a minor-local-celebrity-diva moment because I felt like “Whaaaaa! Why do I have to prove my worth?” It didn’t help that my alma mater had said no to letting me give a reading there because my type of writing wasn’t ‘helpful to their students’. And, okay, I was PMSing too.

  • Then there was the interview with On The Town. I talked with her on the phone and tried to sound really professional. All the while, I was in my pajamas and a stained shirt, having just put the kids to bed. And I think I’d had some sort of panic attack involving scarfing down a box of chocolates to calm my nerves.

I have to say it’s all been a lot of fun. I dreaded this part of writing…the promotion of it, but it’s been sort of like my life: a string of awkward appearances and just a dash of chafing.

I may not be ready for a close up, but I am ready to sell my next book. Bring it on.