Conversation with Moxie about Disney Movies



Mom, can I watch Bambi?

ME: Welll….I don’t know.

MOXIE: Why? Why can’t I watch it?

ME: Well, it’s a little sad in the beginning because…

MOXIE: I know. Bambi’s mom dies.

ME: It’s very sad.

MOXIE: Mom, come on. The mom dies in, like, every Disney movie. Like, the moms die all over the place. It happens.

ME: That’s true.

(I paused here thinking this was A Teachable Moment.)


Do you know why they kill the moms?

(I paused again because A) this was not the exact direction I wanted A Teachable Moment to take and B) I didn’t actually know the answer to why Disney kills all the moms. Moxie rolled her eyes, very teenage-like for her seven years.)


Duh. Because the moms are the most important. Because they’re the ones that birthed the other characters.

ME: Uh…right…and that means that Bambi, or Snow White, or Cinderella has to work harder to…uh…

MOXIE: I know. I know. I just want to see the rabbits.

ME: Ah. Okay then. You can watch it.