Dog Story Theater Monday Sept 21 8PM

Samuel Lupiniski Happily Listening to Rex Alter

Local writers Keeley Geary and Tanya Eby present a double feature for your listening (and watching) pleasure. Enjoy two good-old-fashioned radio dramas with thoroughly modern wit. Radio plays in production: Rex Alter: Space Explorer and Ladies' Man, Pierced Hearts: Love Stories of the Medical Community, Boy Models: I want My Dream, and Hot Summer Cool Breeze: a takeoff on 1950's melodrama in technicolor. Watch as a cast reads the radio dramas for you complete with someone doing the sound effects. At the end of the performance, you can also give suggestions for shows you want to hear in the future.

This Monday's Details:

Real Love -- Real Drama

I know, I know, I keep going on and on about my radio plays....but they are so much fun! And with a writing partner like Keeley Geary for the medical comedy-drama "Pierced Hearts", how could it be bad? Oh, it's bad, but in a good way. There's Dr. Pierce, as arrogant as he is masculine: which means a lot. There's Mrs. Hathaway who knows every secret. A random old woman in the cafeteria with a soft soul. And plain Nurse Darla who burns with a mild case of love for Dr. Pierce. Trixie, the buxom candystriper, with dreams of Hollywood. Mr. Corn, who serves up wisdom along with salisbury steak. And poor little Timmy. What can we say about little Timmy? He gives everything to the medical community of St. Mary Paul John Ignatius Bartholomew Medical Center. And we mean EVERYTHING.

On Monday night, September 21, 8-9 PM, Dog Story will hear their story.


(Because it's a double feature)

The Amazing Rex Alter and Cast of Thousands (er...6 or 7) returns in

Episode 2: Drippy and The Great Escape.

It's fun. It's cheap. It's real, home-cooked writing with rockstar actors.

Come and join in. You can even help out with the sound effects.

Cheers, Tanya

STARRING: Joe Anderson, Tanya Eby, Keeley Geary, Justin Kilduf, Todd Lewis, Ralph Lister, Janelle Mahlmann, Amy McFadden, Laural Merlington, Noddea Moore, Greg Rogers, and Calin Skidmore.