Easy Does It #15--If you don't like him, maybe he has an interesting friend.

Chapter 15 

If you don’t like him, maybe he has an interesting friend.


            Julie walked slowly up the flight of stairs to her apartment, carrying her mail in one hand, and the bright blue bag from Luscious in the other. When she got inside her phone was flashing, indicating a new number. She pressed the caller ID, saw a number she didn’t know (no doubt selling something), a number from the phone company, and then her Grandma’s number. Julie smiled and lifted the receiver. Sure enough there was the staccato tone indicating a message. She pressed her password and waited.


Listen, Julie, it’s your Grandma and I’ve just

gotten off the phone with Eve.  She’s rather an odd

duck that Eve but I like her.  She says you’ve got a

date tonight and that you don’t want to go.  Julie,

sweetheart, go. It’s medicine for your heart.

And who knows?  If you don’t like him, maybe he

has an interesting friend. 


            Julie hung up the phone.  Her eyes instantly flooded with tears. She felt suddenly deeply lucky. So what if the love of her life was tooling around Ohio with two married groupies? So what if the only date she could get now was off the Internet and because she was drunk and wearing a red teddy? She had Eve and Grandma in her life, what more did she need? She smiled to herself, because every now and then she needed something they couldn’t give her, but they had battery operated things for that. 

            She walked into her bathroom, turned on the faucet to hot, and waited for the tub to fill. If she could summon the right mindset, she could make something of this night.  She’d do all the necessary preparations for a date: wash and style her hair, exotic magazine make-up, and shave every part of her body…almost every part of her body. She would take Eve’s and her Grandma’s advice. And anyway, it wasn’t exactly Julie Mills going on a date with a stranger. It was Easy Lady, and who knew what she was capable of? Ronny would be shocked at just how spontaneous she was willing to be.

No. She decided that she couldn’t plot out her life. She’d go on this date. She’d consider tonight practice to cleanse her dating palate, purge herself of Ronny, and then she could start over. She needed to start over. Ronny had been on her mind and heart for too long now and it was time to exorcise him. And what better way to exorcise an ex than to do all the things she’d always wanted to do and not have to answer to it in the morning?

            Julie slipped into the tub and relished in her body relaxing. She breathed. Felt the stress slip from her shoulders. For once in her life she was going to stop obsessing and have a good time. She had complete freedom to be awkward and awful because she was going on this date not as shy Julie Mills, but as the sultry vixen Easy Lady. There was freedom in the idea. And, she thought, smiling to herself, who knew?  Maybe this Dan the Man had an interesting friend he could introduce her to.