In Which I Imagine Meeting Gandalf, C3PO, and The Doctor.

Tim Beeler, an awesome artist (seriously. check out his creepy fun stuff at posted today’s question. He writes:

“An old grey wizard, a flamboyant golden robot and his best friend, or a man living in a blue box show up on your doorstep to tell you there's a great adventure waiting for you and you have to leave right now. Do you go?”

Okay. So this is a question that goes straight to my GeekHeart. Do I go? I am out the door!!! Okay. Wait. I’ve got to breathe. Let me think this through. If they all showed up at once, I’d have a heart attack, so let me imagine different scenarios.

Scenario One:

Blunder Woman Meets Gandalf

There is a knock at the door. Blunder Woman doesn’t answer. She’s too busy eating ice cream and watching Battlestar Galactica. The knock is more insistent. A WIZARD, GANDALF, barges into her living room.

GANDALF: There’s no time to lose, no time! Get up, young whippersnapper.

BLUNDER WOMAN: Did you call me young?

GANDALF: I did indeed.

BLUNDER WOMAN: I love you.

GANDALF: There is no time for love. Right now you must save the world from certain destruction! No time to think! You must come now!!

BLUNDER WOMAN: Okay. Just let me update Facebook, Twitter, get a sitter for the kids, call my mom, paint my toes, put on a push-up bra and grab a clean cape and I’ll be right with ya.




BLUNDER WOMAN is doing sit ups while watching a BBC romance. There is a strange beeping coming from the front of her apartment. The door swings open to reveal a shining robot and his wee friend.

C3PO: Oh, R2, I am quite sure you did not need to use your photokinetic blastermatron.

R2D2: bebebebebbeeep

C3PO: We haven’t time! We have a message for someone! For…Why, hello there.

BLUNDER WOMAN gets up from her crunches.


C3PO: We have an urgent message sent from a galaxy far, far away…

BLUNDER WOMAN: Is Han Solo there?

C3PO: Why, I can’t be sure. R2?

BLUNDER WOMAN: If he’s there, then I’m in, no questions asked. If it has to do with Luke or any of the prequels, sorry. I’m working out.



TANYA is in her living room wearing a silky negligee since she’s tired of being Blunder Woman. Her hair is perfect and she’s practically glistening with sex appeal. Hmm. That sounds gross. Let's just say she sparkles like a VAMPIRE. She opens the door to reveal a strange man wearing a trenchcoat, standing in front of a blue phone box.

TANYA: Helllooooo…..Doctor.

DOCTOR: I’m sorry?

TANYA: I’ve been waiting for you.

DOCTOR: What’s this?

TANYA: Oh, let me just take you by the coat lapels like this and then run my hand...



Sorry about that last scene. I was, er, uhm, a little distracted.

In all honestly, if any of these people came to my door, I probably wouldn’t open the door. I hate it when people want to sell me something and I have to hurt their feelings and say no. Better to pretend you’re not actually at home watching Firefly than risk opening the door.


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