Just Keep Breathing

I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog, but I really have been busy. Honestly. For real. Yep. Busy. Real, real busy. How come the more you say you’re not lying…the more like you sound like you are?

Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Last week, I directed my first (almost) audiobook, taught, dealt with kids. Then the book fair. (Previous post. Thank you lovely people for being so supportive about that affair.) Then I was swept up in midterm grading, prepping for classes, and preparing to narrate all week. The narration was pushed back, but I still had one of those stressful days that never seemed to end. I thought I was about to lose my job at Kendall, so started looking for a new one. Had a panic attack about Kealoha and I owning two houses, paying two mortgages, and freaked because we still don’t have his old house on the market. My 6 year- old son had major tantrum meltdowns. I still have no idea about what. I learned that my grandfather passed away and that brought on a whole avalanche of feelings and memories. (He just sent me a letter last week congratulating me on the wedding and asking to take Kealoha and me and the kids out to lunch. He was 93. A great man.) Then I heard that my dad is going to try and come to Michigan and I’ve seen him once in the last fifteen years. Then I decided, oh, I’ll weigh myself. Yeah. Good idea. Then I sent out emails to see if I could adjunct at two local universities if I get kicked from Kendall. Then I prepped for a presentation I’m giving for my writing group this weekend at the So You’ve Always Wanted To Write a Book Conference. Then I got the kids fed and put to bed (twice) and fell asleep in Kealoha’s arms while watching that heart warming show about the serial killer who only serial kills serial killers. Ahhhhh.


Most of that was within twenty-four hours. I like to condense my stress into a single, hard- to-digest ball, and deal with it all on one day. Sheesh.

By today, I’ve dealt with all the stuff. Kendall is not firing me right away. I have a possibility of two more years of employment, and then they toss me if there’s not a full-time position available.  But that’s possibly two years from now, so for now, I just breathe.

We’re talking to realtors. (Breathe, baby.)

I’m narrating next week and will be able to attend my grandpa’s funeral. My dad will be there. It is what it is. (I’m breathing.)

We figured out a new schedule for the kids and hopefully my son will stop spazzing out so much. (Inhale.)

I went to the salon and got the highlights taken out of my hair. I’m now a redhead-ish again. (Exhale.)

And I wrote two new stories. (ahhhhhh.)

It’s a whirlwind sometimes and some days suck. Some days are great. I guess this is life, right? And you just keep on keeping on. I’ve found that as long as I keep breathing, I’m in pretty good shape.


And I’m throwing my scale out the window. It’s cheesecake time.

  Here's something to help you relax if you need some time to breathe too: