Make a Wish for 2010

It’s almost 2010 and I don’t know about you, but try as I might not to analyze my life away on the New Year, it’s an awfully hard temptation to resist. I seem to do this over-analysis three times a year: over the holidays, on my birthday, and for some reason at the beginning of September. September (because of the start of school) always feels like a new start.

I don’t want to write about how the holidays were for me, and if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that 2009 was both a horrible and wonderful year. A year of horriwonderfull. And the holidays this year? Well, let’s just say they were painful. But I’m still standing, or hobbling if you will. And even though there have been certain very dark moments where I’ve wondered what the point is of me, why am I here, what am I doing, I still think that maybe this is just a dark time in what is, essentially, a rich and textured life.

So. While everyone is making resolutions for 2010, I’m making wishes. They're selfish wishes, and I think there are times when that's okay. There are things I want to happen that, honestly, I don’t have any control over, but I want to scatter the wishes like so many dandelion seeds, and maybe something will take root somewhere. Here are my wishes. Both serious and ridiculous.


To meet the love of my life (if you’re going to wish, make it big, yes?)

To get a full-time teaching position

That I could meet a Clark Kent look-a-like and that he’d wink at me

That “Blunder Woman” will be successful

That “Pepper Wellington and The Case of the Missing Sausage” will be even more successful

I wish that an opportunity sprouts up for me to go to England and/or Italy. Maybe for writing, or romance, or a crazy girl adventure

That Louis and Simone will continue to grow into strange, quirky, smart, loving, beautiful people and that no matter where they are, they know that I love them deeper than the oceans and higher than a mountain, and with the mighty roar of Bigfoot.

I also wish that chocolate had no calories and that I could eat as much of it as I want. Just for 2010.

I wish that I can host a party to celebrate my books…in which I’ll have lots of friends over and laughter and plenty of wine and mojitos and so much crazy food that people will take pictures of it. (This may happen. Look for invites in the summer.)

And finally, I wish that when this cast is off, when I’m free and mobile again, I wish that one day when the sun is shining, I will lace up my shoes and run and run and run. I will run with joy and hope, looking ever forward. One day. In 2010.

Those are my wishes. What are yours?