Meet Mist & Peanut. They need a home. They will love you.


If you want to know why I’m giving away these adorable kittehs, check out the previous blog HERE. We love these cats, but my kids have developed pretty severe allergies.

Mist and Peanut are adorable cats. They’re one year old and were littermates. They’re so cool, they have different dads. They’re as quirky as can be.


Mist is a boy cat but was named Misty. So, yeah, a boy named Misty. He’s part Siamese so that means he’s a climber. He will play and snuggle with you when he wants to. He’s spirited (that’s the part-Siamese in him) but sweet. He likes to look at you like he’s stoned, but really he’s just thinking about stuff. He’s not very bright, but he has a good personality.


Peanut is Mist’s emotionally needy sister. She still suckles when someone will let her. (Not your nipple, people; she suckles blankets.) She needs a little extra love because she only has three legs. She’s got a pirate stub. I’m sure she gave part of her leg up to another animal because she wanted to make that animal happy. She’s a giver and not real clear on dysfunctional relationships.

Both cats are used to kids. They are great pets. We’d love to find a home that will take both of them since they’ve never been separated, but if we have to split them up, we will. We just don’t want to take them to the pound.

Mist and Peanut come to you with toys, litter boxes, a scratchy thing and a giant cat tree if you want it. We’ll even throw in some food and cat litter.

I’ll write about Mercedes later, but she’s Kealoha’s cat and we still have to make some decisions. We might be able to find her a temporary home until we can figure something out.

So. Two spirited cats from Blunder Woman. Let me know if you can help.