Last night, Louis watched “Godzilla” the 1998 film with Matthew Broderick. I’ve always had a thing for Broderick, but even I have to admit pairing him with the mother of all lizards was a little more than awkward. While I got Louis settled in with his movie, I ran upstairs and tucked my daughter in. Kealoha was working late at the theater so I was a single mom for a night. (I don’t miss being a single mom again AT ALL.) By 9:30 PM and after about 100 times running up and down the stairs, I was exhausted. I started getting really crabby. Then I started growling. Then I went all Momzilla on the toys the kids abandoned. With my little lizard hands I pounded my chest and screamed. I stepped on Squinkies, not even caring to blink. If the Lego characters were trying to take me down, they’d need more power than just their piddly plastic weapons. I went BALLISTIC on those toys. I didn’t destroy them though. I just put them in a huge pile. In fact, here's a video of me freaking out over the toys:

On the way to the grocery store, I asked Louis what he thought of the film. He said it was “pretty great. It was real actiony and I just know there’s going to be another one.” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the film was made in 1998, and while it was set up for a sequel, it bombed so colossally that they never made it. (Though it looks like another Godzilla film is slated for this year. Who knew?)

Louis then explained to his sister that one of the Godzillas was a Mommy Godzilla and she was all mean because she was protecting her babies. I told Louis this “I’d totally turn into Godzilla if anyone tried to hurt you guys. I’d be all ROOOAAAARRR!!”



Louis said: “Ma, you’re not an amphibian.”

I said: “How do you know?”

Louis rolled his eyes. I was driving so I don’t know for SURE that he did, but he sounded like he did. “You’re NOT an amphibian!”

“I don’t know…” I said. “I’m awfully cold in the winter. You should feel my feet.”

Louis said no.

All day I’ve been a bit of a Momzilla but I’m not protecting the kids or anything. I’m just crabby. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I’m stressed out with Kealoha working at the theater and all the recording I have to do in the next week.

It’ll pass though. I mean, hey, Easter’s coming and that will be a riot! I love holidays! And nothing says par-tay like the resurrection of…



I just need a nap. A really big, giant-lizard sized NAP. That should make me turn back into the slightly-well-adjusted-mother-wife-and-artist that I usually am. Maybe.