My Favorite Awkward Christmas Present (AKA I'm A Muppet!)

My sister is terrific. Bawdy, loud, emotional, supportive, and one of the best giver of gifts EVER. She buys me pretty things that I didn't even know I wanted. This year for Christmas, she gave me the strangest set up pajamas. They're super soft, yes, but they hint at a future of me wearing a comfortable pajama set to go shopping at Walmart. I think this is what's going to happen next. Already, I live in yoga pants. How far away is the next leap towards just not getting dressed EVER? I bet you in another five years, I'm going to LIVE in pajama sets, and probably forgo wearing a bra too. It's going to be a dark day when that happens.

I was a little horrified by these pajamas. I put them on...and felt...well, about twenty pounds heavier and like I could be the next Muppet star. See below.


Oh, god. They're so awkward! And....I hate to say it....they're so comfortable I might just wear them ALL THE TIME. I've been waiting for a winter storm and one is coming tonight! I can't wait to wear these pajamas! They're calling to me now, the damned sirens. "Tanya...put your legs in the pajamas. You'll be so warm and comforted. Put us on! We love you! We will keep you safe and warm and you won't stop rubbing yourself. TAKE USSSSSS!"

It's hard to resist Pajama Sirens. Honestly. I don't think even Odysseus could do it.

So. I guess my future is now. 2012 begins with me, as a Muppet. A very comfortable Muppet.

One other bonus with these...I may feel enormous while wearing them, but when I take them off it's like stepping right from the BEFORE photo into the AFTER photo. And that's a good feeling.