New Radio Play BOY MODELS

And now...the final radio play....Boy Models: I Want My Dream!! written by Keeley Geary & Tanya Eby.


Stephen Grey, Ralph Lister, Greg Rogers, Rob Karel, Dave Lyzenga, Jason Masters, Keeley Geary, Joyce Bean, Tanya Eby, and Laural Merlington.

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped produce these six radio plays, with a special thanks to Stuart Poltrock and the crew at Sound Post in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm sad this expereince is over, but it's possible we'll do more if there's a strong enough interest, or we find a place to actually play these. Until then...please enjoy this presentation. It's sexist in the happy way that Mad Men is sexist, only it's sexist towards men. In a totally fun way.

Enjoy. Let me know what you think. I'll pass your comments along to the cast. Find the other plays by clicking on RADIO PLAYS link. You can also read bios and see actual pictures of people in the producion. Well, not everyone, because not everyone has gotten back to me yet.

Love and kisses,


Boy Models: I Want My Dream!!