Okay. Now what?

I may have quite possibly sincerely almost very truly lost some of my writing power, at least my funny mojo. I blame the shifting of the earth's axis hence changing my astrological sign from Cancer to Gemini. Seriously, for a few weeks now I've been struggling with topics to write about, and my little joke bombs are fizzling. I feel like Martha Stewart trying to do stand-up. What's happened? I think there must be some kind of creative-brain-sucking-vortex thing happening. It's either that...or I'm happy.

Damnation! I'm happy! Now how do I blog and vent when everything is going pretty great? Gone are the endless blogs about friction and trouble and angst. In its place are stories about a great meal I had at Olives and how when Kealoha comes over, he immediately shovels WITHOUT MY ASKING.

I fear, dear Gods, that I have become boring. Even now, I'm wearing Mom Jeans. You know the ones hiked up past your stomach because it's just more comfortable.

What am I going to do?

How do I find my creative mojo again?  What does a neurotic writer write about when she's content?