On Back To Teaching

(I wrote this on the 1st, but forgot to post it.) I made it through the first week of teaching at my alma mater, and I celebrated last night by drinking wine and having a friend over for dinner and “The Newsroom”. I think I might still be slightly drunk. I know this because here is the paragraph you’re reading now, before I fixed it and cleaned it up of errors:

            Imadi throu week face and I’m NAKED! I’M NAAAAAKED.


No terrific blunders—unless you count the L sticker stuck above my boob on my new sweater that I didn’t discover until our break.

It all went pretty smoothly. I’m going to like it there. The campus is lovely and smells like fresh cut grass and everyone is preppy and pretty and…hold on a second…the place is so perfect it might actually be a campus for the progeny of The Stepford Wives. I think I might be the scariest thing on campus with my brightly colored dresses and thick glasses and random jokes that I sometimes end with “Now, come on. That’s funny. If you think about it later, you’ll see the humor in that.” I’m okay with that.

In all honesty, I’m thrilled I get to teach again. I could’ve walked away from it, but I’m giving it one more shot at becoming a ‘full’ professor. Fingers crossed that this little wish can come true.