On Quiddler and Trucker Slang

My friend J came over to have apple cake and play Quiddler. (That feels like a really British-type sentence. Just try saying it out loud with a good ol’ Eliza Doolittle feel. Oy! Apple cake and Quiddler with a cuppa.) Kealoha joined us. Here is our conversation:

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 5.07.12 PM


J: So I’ve been reading a book about CB lingo from 1976.

(Only the briefest of pauses here, since having my friend J say something like this is not at all surprising.)

ME: Okay. That sounds good.

J: I don’t even know if they still use the terms, but it’s interesting. They probably use CBs, don’t they? You think?

(Ten minutes later…)

J: Gambling City!

ME: What?

J: That’s one of the terms. Now, what would you guess that is?

ME: Las Vegas, but wouldn’t it just be easier to say Las Vegas than try to figure out where Gambling City is. (pause) You know what WOULD be cool? To come up with new terms.

(Pause while I think.)

ME: Fluff circles!

Kealoha: Fluff circles?

ME: Yeah. (trucker voice) I’m going to get me some fluff circles.

Kealoha: (trucker voice) I’m going to head down to the Bunny Ranch and get me some fluff circles.

ME: Bah! Not THAT kind of fluff circles. Obviously, that’s lingo for pancakes.

Kealoha: Mmm. Fluff circles.

ME: Stop it.

J: It might not surprise you that truckers have a number of slang words for prostitutes.

ME: Please, please, J. Please go to a party immediately and use that as your opening line to people. Please do that.

We tried to come up with other words, but it got mixed up with the Quiddler words we were playing. Kealoha spelled “TEETH CLAP” and J responded that was something he certainly wouldn’t want to catch, and I agreed whole-heartedly. Truckers—and pretty much everyone from 1976 and beyond—should avoid getting TEETH CLAP.

Especially at the Bunny Ranch.

(See what I did there? Full circle, baby. Now THAT’S comedy.)