On Something New Becoming Something Wonderful And Crickets

It’s Sunday morning and my windows are open. There’s a cool breeze tickling in and the sound of crickets. I’d like to say how peaceful it is, but those crickets get a little annoying, especially if you think about just how many legs are currently rubbing together frantically to produce that sound…which of course leads me to wonder if any crickets have actually spontaneously combusted. Like, okay, I’m a cricket and goddammit I’m going to produce MUSIC and I’ll rub my legs together like there’s no tomorrow and SEE! There’s some sound…and…what’s that? A puff of smoke! And then BLAMMO! I’m a little flame. Poor cricket.

I bet that’s how most forest fires get started. Damn crickets rubbing their legs together so fast that they just combust.


Anyway. There was a point to this blog.


Ah, yes. Peaceful Sunday morning. I’m sitting in shorts and a tank top and I’m thinking about how scary New Things are. I start my new teaching gig on Monday and I have that nervous anticipation that happens with New Things. I could’ve stayed at Kendall, maybe, but I think this new adventure is a good fit. And it’s all just made me think about how New ANYTHING stretches you as a person. How it can scare the crap out of you, but whenever you’re doing something new and/or challenging, it also makes you feel more alive, and maybe it changes you and makes you a better person. And if not a better person, then hopefully at least a more interesting person.


Maybe it’s not even the NEWNESS of something that is exciting. Maybe it’s that you’re vulnerable and open and instead of staying in your little cave, you’re like, fuck it, I’m going to go out there and show the world who I am. It’s a little bit like walking around naked and not caring what people think. (Although I would NEVER do that because I care way too much about what people think, and I’m afraid to walk around naked now because what if my thighs rub together and I spontaneously combust?)


Anyway. I’m hoping this is the start to something good. I’m counting on it.


That’s about as in-depth and philosophical I can be this morning. In short: I admire people who take risks and try new and scary things in the hopes that something wonderful happens. I’m good with this New Stuff happening, especially because I have some pretty amazing people in my life that allow me to walk around naked. Metaphorically. I’m METAPHORICALLY naked. Actually, Sam the Eagle once pointed out that we’re all naked under our clothes…so I guess I am walking around naked ALL THE TIME.


This is not my best blog. I realize that. I’m giving myself credit for sitting down and doing it anyway. And now I’m going to turn on the sprinkler. This will accomplish two things: 1) quiet the crickets and 2) protect my lawn from any sudden bursts of flames.


It’s possible I think too much.