Our Super! Exciting! Weekend! (aka Filling Our Deep Freezer)

I made it through the long weekend! Phew! Funny thing is, after I posted my heart-is-heavy blog, my kids’ grandmamma (my ex-mother-in-law) stopped by for a visit. She wants to continue our friendship, but she tries to be considerate of my ex and his feelings, so she treads carefully. I respect that. Hopefully, in time, it will get easier. I was delighted that I got to see her for a bit and visit while the kiddos played, and I have to say it did a lot for my heavy heart.  

The rest of the weekend was basically me and Kealoha taking random naps, and then I watched “Breaking Bad” (Season One), read, prepped the next audiobook narration (the charming “Rainshadow Road” by Lisa Kleypas), cooked here and there, and then we did a truly exciting thing: Kealoha and I filled our new deep freeze. That’s right. The most exciting part of the weekend was a mini-shopping spree at Gordon Foods and then Costco to buy frozen meat and veggies IN BULK! and then put them in our new deep freezer. AND Kealoha built new shelves for me in a side closet.


It was a thrilling time at the Blunder Lair/Tiki House. I could go on and on but I will spare you the dialogue scenes that would sound like this:


ME: Oh my god. Kealoha. Look! It’s seven pounds of pork loin! Pork loin! We could have seven POUNDS of it frozen! I could defrost it whenever I want, just, like randomly, and then we’d have pork loin!

KEALOHA: Uhm. Okay.

 ME: You do not sound excited enough about this. Think of the possibilities!

KEALOHA: I don’t really like pork loin. I mean, it’s okay, but it doesn’t change my life or anything.

ME: (sadly) Really? Even if I stuff it? With bacon?



Yes. I will spare you those details.

Until next time, readers. Let’s hope I have some more interesting stories to tell. I do have a couple left in my brain wiggling around.

That sounds worm-like and gross. I assure you the stories are not worm-like or gross.



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