Peekaboo -- Real Blunder Woman

Real Blunder Woman #1


So I met this really cute guy at the roller rink and he was a little older than me. We exchanged phone numbers and I was thrilled when he actually called me.

The next day he called and we chatted for quite awhile. During the conversation he asked where I lived so I told him. Then he said he was having his friend drive him over and he'd be there in a few minutes.


I wasn't expecting that and I didn't know how to tell him I didn't want him to come over. He was older! and I was home alone.

So when he pulled into the driveway and rang my doorbell, I hid in the family room and peeked out the window through the bushes watching him until he gave up and went away.

When he got back home, he called me and wondered why I hadn't been home. Ummm.... I said I had to take a cup of sugar to a neighbor or something equally as ridiculous. I didn't have a problem with him calling or visiting again.

I don't think I've ever told anyone that story before!

Andrea Dickinson