Random Blog of Randomness #5 (the final one)

Random Item #5  

This spring while mushroom hunting with my family up in Empire (where the Sand Dunes are located), Simone got to look through a telescope for the first time. My uncle talked to her about the stars. It was too bright to see the stars, because the sunset was getting later and later (and past Simone’s bedtime.) Since then, she’s been asking for her own telescope. “Mom, when can we look at the stars?” she asks. Kealoha told her that as fall and winter comes, it will get darker earlier so she’ll be able to stay up long enough to see them.


This morning she woke up at 6AM. It was still dark out. She ran to her window and looked up into the sky. “Mom! I can see the stars!” she said. “Can I do this every morning? Can I check the stars?”


Simone reminds me that no matter how crazy and stressful and wonderfully chaotic life gets…there are always things to be in awe of.