Random Thoughts of Paris

SKINNY PANTSMen, women, children and dogs all wear skinny jeans/pants. Kealoha and I have decided to buy a matching pair in red so we will look like Parisians when we get home. Parisian sausages that is.

PEOPLE IN PARIS ARE IN GOOD SHAPE You don't see a lot of what I call "Starbucks Bellies" in France, though with all the Starbucks chains popping up, this might change in five years. So they can get away with skinny jeans FOR NOW.

GRAFFITI There's a ton of graffiti...huge words painted on bricks and buildings, especially evident when you're on the train. It's a little sad. I hate that people have to paint tags over beautiful structures to announce that they exist. Booooo.

NOTRE DAME It's a big dirty church and the gargoyles on the side of the building have wide, open mouths that are terrifying. They look like they're screaming. (Or that they're Death Eaters from "Harry Potter")

20120723-101357.jpg The church itself is worth seeing. Apparently there are gypsy pickpockets everywhere, but unless they look that Japanese tourists, I never saw one.

PARISIAN MEN LOOK A LITTLE GAY This is a compliment. Now, I could be over generalizing, but the French men I've seen regardless of age are just plain cool and I want to ask them for fashion advice. They wear loafers and sweaters wrapped around their shoulders and if they wear jeans, they have a nice buttoned shirt tucked in.

20120723-101851.jpg The only French man I saw wearing stripes and a beret was our friend Frog, and he did it ironically just to mess with us, though I wish he'd also carried a baguette.

BLOWJOB The French word for blowjob is (I have to write this phonetically) is Le Peep. When I heard this, I said "That's cute but it sounds so small." I wasn't making an assumption, merely stating that the word itself was adorable.

BATHROOMS ARE RARE It's hard to find bathrooms here. So I've stopped drinking water and am mostly dehydrated. In this way, Paris reminds me of New York.

LIFE IS SLOWER It seems like things are more relaxed here. People don't seem to rush. Everyone sort of looks like they're strolling. It's lovely. I'm trying to slow down too, but it's hard.

BRING SNACKS If you have low blood sugar, bring snacks. You won't find snack stands and convenience stores every two feet. There are lots of crepe stands and they're very cool. There are no refreshment stands in the courtyard waiting to get into Versailles. We waited for an hour and fifteen minutes in the sun and I got sunburnt, had a blood sugar crash and needed to pee so bad that I tackled an elderly woman to make it to the bathrooms in time. The elderly woman said something lovely to me, but it was in French which just sounds lovely so she might actually have been swearing at me.

VERSAILLES I need a whole blog about this. The palace is packed with tourists to the point that if you're claustrophobic you'll have a major panic attack.
20120723-100951.jpg Was the house worth it? I think so. But I have to say, walking from the palace to the gardens outside, seeing the fountains and hearing the classical music....I can't express how beautiful this was. Have you ever seen something so beautiful that your heart hurts a little just at the sight? It was THAT beautiful. Besides when my kids were born and when Kealoha and I got married, I can't remember a more beautiful moment than seeing the grandeur of the Versailles gardens for the first time.

20120723-101223.jpg It has maybe convinced me that there is a little magic left in the world.