Rapture Garage Sale Post by Kealoha

Sooo...when Kealoha and I combined houses, I had a sort of panic attack because of all the stuff we have and my certain issues with "pack rat syndrome". Kealoha promised me we'd have a garage sale, and that time is NOW. Or it would be now, but there's a flood in our back yard, so the garage sale we were going to have tomorrow is now on Saturday. Here's the ad that Kealoha created and posted on Craig's List. I'm not kidding you. He really posted this. And what he says is true. We have all these items for sale. He giggled while writing this. He also used an announcer voice and read it out loud to me. I just shook my head. Kealoha's Garage Sale Post.....


Not going to the Rapture? Come to the End Of The World Garage Sale!

Everything must go!!!

Need kids clothes and toys? We got 'em! Need housewares? Got 'em! How about Elvis memorabilia? Thank YOU very much, cuz we got 'em! Kitsch? Yup! Books? I read 'em, now I'm selling them! Linens? Imagine what they'd say!!

That's right, I'm drinking while pricing to give YOU bargains, bargains, BARGAINS!!

Maybe I shouldn't have had that plate of ribs for dinner, cuz now these clothes don't fit. Aw, heck! I'll sell them! That's right, I'm selling the Hawaiian shirts off my back!

Here kitty, kitty... Nope, they're too quick, but you hear what I'm saying? I'll sell anything I can get my hands on!

So come on down and see what I'm talking about!!

SATURDAY!!!! 9am - 5pm!!!!