Some of the Recent Projects I'm Proud Of

In an effort to expand the blog to start covering some of my narration endeavors (because I'm full-time freelancer now), I thought I'd occasionally update you all on some of the my recent projects and releases. Since this is the first time I'm doing this, it might be a longer post. In the future, I'll highlight two or three releases, and probably just once a month. (Just click on the picture to go to Audible or Amazon. On Audible, you can hear a free sample of the book.)



Finally! A couple of my pieces are available on Audible, and I'm thrilled that they're getting 4 and 5 star reviews. Audible critics are notoriously tough. In fact, I'm pretty sure a couple of their reviewers want me have my own books getting such high reviews is especially pleasing.


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This one only has a couple of reviews and one of the reviewers totally missed the point of the novel. I loved reading it. It's set in Hawaii, has all sorts of crazy characters, a mystery, and it's just plain funny. (Crazy characters include a group of senior citizen hula girls, a fire eating detective, and a drunken parrot.)


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The next one is a scary book by Scott Nicholson. I really liked the darkness in this piece and it kept me interested and engaged the whole time. His work isn't gory or anything, just lots of spooky stuff going on.



The Skull Ring Audio


If the picture doesn't link, click HERE. RIGHT HERE. ON THIS LINE.



Here are two books that I had a blast narrating. The first is a post-apocolyptic story with a kick ass heroine. This book hasn't received nearly the press I think it should've. Good conflict, action, plot, and characters. And there's a heart to it too. It's called "Flowertown" by S.G. Redling.


Flowertown Audio


And here's a fun, strange listen. In it, Marilyn Monroe meets Nikita Kruschev (I can never spell his name) for a little spy adventure. So, I got to give voice to Marilyn. Hello. Dream come true. I tried not to mimic her, but rather, tried to suggest her voice. This was so fun to narrate and I'm hoping people will think it's a great listen, though, again, there's no press really on this book. So many good books get neglected, I think.


Bombshell AUDIO


And the link for Bombshell (for some reason it keeps evaporating) IS RIGHT HERE. REALLY. RIGHT HERE.


My newest release, if you didn't know already, is "Tunnel Vision & Other Stories From the Edge." Please take a chance on it, especially if you like slight dark and/or creepy stories. There's a novella and three short stories. Click HERE for Kindle and HERE for everything else!


Tunnel Vision Amazon



Next month I'll highlight fewer books...but there are definitely some great ones coming. I'm so lucky I get to read such terrific work.