Strange but True

So I was downstairs watching "True Blood" and all of a sudden Kealoha's computer came on AND THEN THE MOUSE ON THE SCREEN STARTED MOVING and things started opening and closing and Twitter popped on the screen and then off and then the iTunes store came up while I could see the little arrow on the mouse MOVING ACROSS THE SCREEN and I  thought "Maybe I'm doing this with my mind" or "Maybe this is a Ouija board-like computer" or "The computer's possessed! It's like in True Blood! The Wiccans have come!" or "Wait a minute! His computer is moving and opening things and maybe someone from a small island is acessing all of his account information which is now my account information too and maybe they're taking EVERYTHING WE OWN!"

 But then I crept up to the computer and discovered that Kealoha was controlling the computer via remote control (there was a note on there that said so. I waved at the screen in case he was watching).

 So I guess the power of my brain had nothing to do with it, nor was anyone hacking into our account and stealing our very meager savings and identities.

I'm relieved, but a little sad it wasn't my mind power. That would've been really cool if I could operate a computer just by thinking about it. There are a lot of other mechanical devices I'd like to do that the TV.