StoryBundle and Meet Martin Kee

Yesterday, I introduced you to Jack Wallen, one of the writers for this month’s StoryBundle (a horror collection which my book TUNNEL VISION is also a part of). Today, meet Martin Kee, writer and also curator of this bundle.

Meet Martin Kee

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1) Your book is included in StoryBundle’s horror collection. What draws you to horror?

I don't typically outline what I write, so as the book progresses, it seems that things just tend to gravitate in that direction. There's a sort of inexorable truth to horror, that idea that we all, at some point in time, will end. It's a universal constant. Things decay. So I guess the more I write on a certain subject, whether it be about dark matter or parasitic fungus, or robots, or graphene, there's always a deeper horror there at the bottom, a deeper truth that a lot of people don't like to think about. That truth usually lies in bad things happening to people you care about.

2) Tell me a little bit about the book in the collection.

BLOOM is essentially two stories, taking place in two very different places, in very different times. One story tells the tale of a young man whose childhood friend suffers from a brain tumor. Every time she meets him, she doesn't remember who he is, so Tennyson has to essentially reintroduce himself. But as bloom, a parasitic fungus, begins to overtake the coasts and sweep inland, he loses touch with her. Determined to find her, Tennyson sets out to delve into what the world has become in order to be reunited with his best friend.

The second story, one that shares the same space as Tennyson's, is that of Lil'it. She isn't entirely human. She's smaller, with odd tumors on her back in the shape of wings. She's referred to as feh which is just one sound short of spitting. In her world, she is essentially vermin, handled like a poisonous serpent. This is due largely to the fact that she is able to secrete custom prions and viruses in her salivary glands. When she is sold off to a wealthy land owner, she makes a play at freedom and finds that it's much more complicated than simply running away.

The two stories are related to one another in spite of how different they seem, and it's up to the reader to find that connection.

3) Do you have anything else published?

I do! My first novel, A LATENT DARK, was in a horror bundle back in 2012, and I've just released a short science fiction novella on Amazon called GLEAN, which is the beginning of a series.

Both books can be found here:

I also write short stories and content for video games.

4) What really scares you?

Shame, I think. Disappointment. I don't like to disappoint people, so I often sink into some dark places worrying that I might screw things up for folks I care about. I suppose that's an odd thing to be scared of, but there it is. Now, of course, disappointment comes in many forms. It could be not winning the lottery, or having your spouse cheat on you. I think I could probably survive those things pretty well. But knowing that I might have lost the trust and faith of the people I love... well, it would be hard to live with that, especially looking at the long road ahead to regaining that trust.

Death, surprisingly, doesn't really scare me much aside from the physical desire to survive. I mean, everyone does it eventually, right? And there are far worse things to worry about. I think worse than death, would simply being erased and forgotten, to look back from my death bed and realize nothing mattered and nobody would remember me. That seems much more terrifying, not so much the void, as in the wasted time. I mean, I'm 42 years old. If I died tomorrow, I hope I'll have more to show for it than a level 70 druid in WoW.

5) What’s your writing process like?

I'm one of those "gardeners" you hear about. I start with some very vague plot points and sort of explore as much as I can. It's a much more enjoyable process to me than outlining first, but it's messy. I do a lot of rewrites, and sometimes don't even really know what the book is about until the 8th draft or so. It's time consuming as well.

That's not to say that I don't outline though. I do, just afterwards. Thats' where I chop the book up and put all the pieces back together in the right order, then go through and pick apart every chapter, then every paragraph, then every sentence. Usually the rewriting process is more fun and more involved than writing the original draft.

6) Where can people find out more about you or see more of your work?

Well there's my author page:

And I also have a poorly maintained blog: where I sometimes go to vent or ramble. There's a lot of flash fiction up there as well, along with links to anything new I might have published. I don't live in any delusions that I am a blogger by any means. Most of my ideas end up in my books instead of on the site.

Then there's Facebook: which is, you know, Facebook. I post updates there maybe more than I do on the blog, because it gets the most traffic. You can follow any of these with Likes if you want to see what I'm up to as I shuffle around in my comfy pants, making things up.


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StoryBundle AND Meet Jack Wallen

I am so excited that my collection TUNNEL VISION AND OTHER STORIES FROM THE EDGE is included in a horror package offered by StoryBundle. Basically, you pay what you think the package is work, and get up to nine different books from different independent writers. So you’re supporting indie authors and getting a sample of work that you might never have found on your own. Plus, you can even donate part of your price to a nonprofit. It’s a win win win. Now, usually, I write comedic things, but there is a darker side to me. It’s reflected in Tunnel Vision if you’ve read it. 1930s. Insane Asylum. Baby born in the tunnels and raised by the inmantes there.

And I love a good ghost story.

Here’s some information about another writer whose work is included in the StoryBundle package. Meet Jack Wallen…and check out both of our books in this bundle by clicking HERE. You have only 20 days to grab the deal!



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1) Your book is included in StoryBundle’s horror collection. What draws you to horror?

I was originally drawn to horror as a young boy. A local horror show, Nightmare Theater with Sammy Terry, drew me in and never spat me out. Watching that campy horror host not only made horror fun, but made it cool.

As an adult, I believe horror is one of the most cathartic genres of fiction you can read. In the safety of your own home, under the covers in your bedroom, you can open up a book of horror and dive into fear without worrying for your life. Your heart races, you might break out into a sweat, and you might wind up having nightmares...but in the end, you wake up alive.


2) Tell me a little bit about the book in the collection.

This book came from a rather dark place in my career as a writer. I wrote the novel as a reaction to some of what I saw in the publishing industry. The story centers around a has-been writer desperate to gain back the fame that once filled his boudoir with prostitutes and his nose with cocaine. In the process he winds up in league with The Nameless – a demon from Hell who has a very different path set out for our anti-hero.

This book has been one of my proudest achievements, as it was compared to the early works of my idol, Clive Barker.


3) Do you have anything else published?

Yes. In fact, my goal for the end of this year is to have more than twenty books published. The current list includes the following series (listed in series – if applicable):


The Fringe Killer Series

A Blade Away




The I Zombie Series

I Zombie I

My Zombie My

Die Zombie Die

Lie Zombie Lie

Cry Zombie Cry (due August 21st, 2014)

T-Minus Zero

Zombie Radio

The Last Caskset


The Shero Series


Shero II: Zombie A GoGo

Shero III: Death by Cosplay


The Nameless Saga

Hell’s Muse

The Nails of Calvary (due October, 2014)



Klockwerk Kabaret

Among You (due out Sept, 2014)

The last three novels are currently stand-alone (in the case of Among You – yet to be released). I plan on writing the second book in the Klockwerk Kabaret series near the end of the year. It was my first steampunk novel and it made me fall in love with the genre.

As you can tell, I try not to pigeonhole myself into one genre (well, most of what I write is rather dark). My biggest selling books are my zombie novels – and that is clearly my first love – but I tend to write what I feel at the moment. I also prefer not to write two novels from the same series or genre in a row. This has worked out well for me because it ensures, when I set out to write a new book in a series, I am completely thrilled to be back with that particular story.


4) What really scares you?

Failure. The idea of failing is ever present in has been since I was a young boy. Of course, failure encompasses so much (financial, social, professional, personal). I’ve never been afraid of the usual suspects (spiders, snakes, tornadoes, horror...). To this end I do everything I can to always stay ahead of the game – be it my skills, network, etc.


5) What’s your writing process like?

I absolutely adore the process of writing. My wife once asked me a question: “If you couldn’t make a living as a writer, would you still do it?” I answered without hesitation...yes. The act of creating is so important to my existence (I was a professional actor for twenty years).

I generally take about two months to write my first drafts. After that I go back through the manuscript to catch anything I missed. Once that is complete, I send the draft to beta readers. I differ with most authors in that I prefer betas to see the early version so they can not only get a feel of the story in its rawest form, but make suggestions that I can then either accept or reject before the manuscript goes off to my editor. After me and my editor go back and forth, the manuscript is then sent to a proof reader. During this process I work on designing a cover and marketing material for the book.


6) Many of your books are about Zombies. What is it about zombies that pulls at you?

First and foremost, zombies are such a wonderful metaphor for humanity. We are all so very close to becoming drones in the corporate world – our lives on autopilot for the majority of our waking hours. I also love the fact that the zombie has yet to be confiscated and ruined by Hollywood. You’ll never find sparkling zombies (unless you count the strippers in Zombies Vs. Strippers). Finally, the zombie is the one creature that elicits end of the world scenarios and imagery. That’s powerful stuff there. Humanity may well be just a madman away from the apocalypse, so the genre can be very visceral and immediate for readers. The apocalypse is something that could happen – the veil between fiction and non-fiction grows very thin.


7) Do you watch The Walking Dead? Side question: have you perfected a zombie walk of your own to blend in if the apocalypse comes?

I do and I have. I straddle the fence on The Walking Dead. On one side I love the show and how so often they focus on the simple act of survival. On the other hand, I worry they spend a bit too much time on the romance aspect. I’m not one hundred percent sure the apocalypse is the best time for booty calls and hookups. But then...we’ll all need those reminders that we are still human. But lovers of zombies and apocalyptic fiction would rather see less lovin’ and more survivin’.

My zombie walk? I don’t necessarily think all zombies will drag one of their legs behind them (unless they spiraled into the zombie abyss with a broken leg). My take on the zombie walk is to imagine your brain having just enough power to remember how to put one foot in front of the other. Stand outside of any given bar at closing time and you’ll see the zombie walk to perfection.


8) Where can people find out more about you or see more of your work?

You can check out my web site http://www.jackwallen.comBlog September 2013 through 2014.docx and get information on all of my books (as well as my blog). You can also visit the following:



Twitter: @jlwallen




I also host a weekly podcast (a character from my I Zombie series) called Zombie Radio:



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