Diet Update: Week 1

Two weeks ago I proclaimed I was never going on a diet again!  

One week ago I started dieting. Again.


I don’t need to rehash it…you can read the previous blogs.


But I am trying to do this the ‘right’ way. The right way being cutting my portions and exercising, eating more fruits and vegetables, blah blah blah. I can’t make drastic changes at once which is why today when the effing cake-monster-soul-sucker attacked me, I went to the store and bought a cake.

I had a very thin slice. It wasn’t all that good anyway, but it at least got me to stop fantasying about the fucking cake and just eat it all ready. (Glad I re-read that sentence before posting. It had a typo. I wrote “stop fantasizing about fucking the cake’. See? That’s a serious craving!)


After my first week of tracking what I eat using the Lose It! and Treadmill apps for the iPod, I’ve actually made some progress. I’ve walked about twenty miles and lost about two pounds. Not bad. And I feel a little better this week.


So…on to week two. I’m cutting myself some slack for the whole cake thing. Two steps forward, one cake slice back. And honestly, it’s not a big deal. I mean I was super stressed today and cake is so much better for you than coke.


That’s a joke.


Seriously. Just a joke. I don’t do drugs. Except, you know, when I go to the dentist (but then it’s a prescription).


Bring on week two. Anyone doing this with me? A girl gets lonely trying to get in shape.