cute mouse

Random Notes TWO "Wall Creatures"

-Two- As many of you know, the big drama in the house was the demon-noises I heard in my wall by my computer. I blame these scratching noises on my lack of enthusiasm for writing…but mostly I’ve just been lazy. I thought this was living in my wall:

But the exterminator told me it was this:


Damned field mice trying to come in from the cold. They actually gnawed a little mouse hole outside. I’m trying not to think of them as super cute little field critters who can ride bicycles and wear cute little hats and outfits and have living rooms decorated with acorns as teapots and a spool of thread as an end table, but instead menacing demons with fangs and claws and NESTS.


We have set out an obstacle course of traps. I feel guilty and proud about this. If they actually do wear little outfits and hats and ride bicycles and stuff, they should be fine. If they’re just rodents, then their days are numbered.