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On MasterChef and Macaroons

Kealoha and I were relaxing with a oh-so-not-summer-menu dinner of pierogies with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and bacon and decided to catch up on some MasterChef. The episode included the contestants cooking up a pig head (they didn’t put it on a stake and dance around with it though), then at a wedding for a bride with enormously arched eyebrows, and then the Pressure Test of cooking macaroons. Here is our conversation: Macaroons


ME: Oh! They’re cooking macaroons! We love macaroons!


ME: Hello? Remember Paris? We should eat some macaroons. It’ll remind us of our trip!

KEALOHA: I’ve never had a macaroon in my life!

ME: What are you talking about? Remember last year when we were in Paris and that hotel in Versailles gave us that whole box of macaroons? They were so delicious. Don’t you remember that?

KEALOHA: Yeah. But you ate all of my macaroons. You ate the whole box.

(Pause while I mentally flipped through my memories.)

ME: Ah. That’s right. Well, we should get a box of macaroons and I’ll eat them all and it will be just like Paris all over again.