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Random Thing #5: WANT


I want waffles and bacon and crème brulee and ribs and biscuits lathered with butter and flourless chocolate cake and a mojito and this hazelnut cake log I make and Oh, sheesh, I'm now thinking about all the wonderful dessert logs there are  and then laughing at how anything can be called a log and yet still be appetizing.


So back to what I want: chocolate truffles, an agent (but not to eat) and homemade ravioli stuffed with goat cheese, and stuffed polenta, and stuffed mushrooms, and I guess I just want things STUFFED and I basically want to eat everything I've posted on my abandoned food blog I want to eat all of it (except the agent) and not gain a single pound. Please?


That concludes my Day Of Random Things, because I actually have to get ready for narrating. I have to find my diva crown and pack up a vat of hummus. *sigh*