Six Sentence Sunday 5/1/2011

And it was at that precise moment that the florid man with the enormous eyebrows made a peculiar sound like “Hrrrrrrrrrr”, clutched his chest, and pitched forward, straight into a rather large slice of prime rib that was so rare it seemed to be still pulsing with life.

The man, however, was not pulsing, with life or anything. In that brief moment, he was knocked stone cold dead.

“Well, I never!” cried Melody, as if angered that the man dared to behave so poorly at the dinner table.

Pepper Wellington jumped up, took the man’s pulse, and shook her head. “He never will either,” she said. “He’s expired, I’m afraid.”




From "Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage" by Tanya Eby

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Did you see the interview this morning with Emily Richett on Fox 17? If not, here it is:

To celebrate that interview and the release of "Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage" I'm giving away TWO BOOKS for FREE! That's right. I won't include any ginzu knives though.

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Promo for "Boy Models: I Want My Dream!"

Here's the promo for "Boy Models: I want My Dream" a cautionary tale by Keeley Geary and Tanya Eby. We'll be performing at Dog Story on October 19th, 8pm with a fantastic cast. I'll post their names and roles soon. Until then, here's a teaser: (Click on 'Boy Model Promo' and a media player will pop up.)

Boy Model Promo

Wad Worthington, Showing His Good Side