Random Notes ONE "Weenies"

-One- In honor of the Superbowl (which we had no interest in watching, but I felt immense pressure to cook a bunch of appetizers) I made that mini-weenies thing where you get mini sausages and then crock pot the hell out of them with a can of cranberry sauce and chili sauce. It’s not really cooking…it’s more like mixing.



I laughed more than I care to admit when I thought about how much I loved my mini-weenies. Even Kealoha loved them. He said: “I love your mini-weenies” and I said: “Aw. You say that to all the girls.”

I’m telling you, jokes about mini-weenies never get old to me. Which is probably why I wrote a book where one of the main characters is named Sausage*.





*That book is called "Pepper Wellington and the Case of the Missing Sausage" in case you're curious.