The Dilemma Of What To Blog About When You're Happy

In a serious, melodramatic voice, possible with strings in the background:

And now…Tanya Eby approaches a serious dilemma in her blog writing…how does she write when there are no huge dramas? Oh, the absence of pain! The absence of heartache! Even now she is throwing herself around the kitchen, her hand on her forehead “Oh, woe is me!” she cries and pounds the stove. “Oh, unjust world!” she sighs, and leans heavily against the refrigerator.

“Hey, mom, could you get me a Nutella sandwich and stop acting so weird?” says a little boy.

“Yeah, mom, you’re freaking us out,” says a girl in pigtails.

Tanya smoothes her apron, dries her tears, takes a deep breath and says “Two Nutella sandwiches coming up!”

End scene.

Yep. That’s sort of my life now. (You can stop the dramatic reading and violin music.) I’ve made it through a year of horrible stress, of starting over, of redefining myself as a single, independent woman and mom. I’ve dated. I’ve had disasters. I’ve been in the fetal position crying, in the bathtub crying, cooking crepes and crying.

But today I feel pretty okay.

The dilemma comes in with…well, fudge, what do I blog about now? Katie asked me that same thing on Dim Sum night. I had friends over to make assorted Chinese dumplings and play charades. That’s hard-core partying in my book. Katie said “I read your blog when you were happy and all Disney. So…what are you going to blog about now?”

I laughed, but the question has stayed with me. If I made it through this blunderful year, what do I blog about now that things are going well? And do I continue to blog? Has my blog served its usefulness? Why is it that the more times I use the word “blog” the more ridiculous it sounds? Blogblogblog.


I want to keep blogging. I like blogging. I like cheese logs and sausage logs and yule logs too, so it may be I’m just fond of words that have ‘log’ in them. And loaf. But mostly log.

What do I blog about? I dunno. Life?

If you have suggestions let me know. I’ll probably continue to blog awkwardly, and there are dramatic things that have happened…I just haven’t felt so angsty about them. Whatever. I’m not questioning it. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a breather.

And I could always write about my favorite things: Bigfoot, sandwiches, Tom Selleck, Matt Damon, old-fashioned words like ‘canoodle’ and ‘ferhoodled’, canning preserves.

Oh dear Buddha. On second thought…I really might need suggestions.



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