The "I Haven't Beens"

I’ve been struck with a stuffy nose and a tired body. Stupid mid-winter colds. And right before I’m due to narrate too. Grrr. To offset this yucky feeling, I pulled on my hot pink velour pants, which I recently rediscovered in the back of my closet. These are a step above the comfort of yoga pants, because these pants don’t even pretend to be active wear. No. They’re called LOUNGE PANTS. They’re whole purpose is so you can lounge around. Brilliant!  

I crawled into bed at 2PM for a nap. The Claritin D was kicking in and making me feel woozy and I thought a nice little sleep would help. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t sleep because there was a nasty little dance going on in my head. Ugly twisted creatures called the I Haven’t Beens.


They’re insidious buggers. They’ll keep you up for days if you’re not careful. My I Haven’t Beens are as follows:


I haven’t been working on my novels

I haven’t been reading enough

I haven't been blogging enough

I haven’t been hanging out with the friends I miss

I haven’t been cleaning my house

I haven’t seen my sister or talked to her in a while

I haven’t taken my mom out to lunch


Then I got really annoyed with myself, because while I have really good intentions and I want to do everything on the planet, I’m only one person. Here’s what I Have Been doing:


I’ve been working on a short story

I’ve been eating healthy

I’ve been exercising

I’ve been devoting myself to my kids

I’ve been planning and prepping three classes

I’ve been relaxing so I don’t freak out

I’ve been tending to my relationship with Kealoha


So while there’s a ton of things I Haven’t Been doing, there’s also a ton of things I Have Been doing, and I’ve got to be happy with that.


Plus, when you’re wearing pants like these, you’re not SUPPOSED to do anything strenuous, except maybe bake brownies. Which I might do any second now.


In short, I’m still here. All is well. I’ve just been busy with living.