The Movies And Shows That Shaped My Twisted Sense Of Self

I’m narrating all week this week and still thinking over some stuff that I might blog about later. Until then, here are movies that shaped my childhood and pretty much my entire identity. I'm posting the lesser-known movies, and there's more I could add to the list. I can see I already left out “Ladyhawke” and “War Games” and “The Last Starfighter” and pretty much a bunch of others. Shit. “Time Bandits”, Muppet movies, "Willow", etc. Why am I posting this? I don’t know. Mostly cuz I feel tired and a little lazy and I don’t feel like being all writerly this morning.

So. I present The Movies That Shaped My Twisted Sense Of Self. Thank you, Hollywood. Really.


DRAGONSLAYER: The movie that showed me that women could be pretty and virgins and sacrificed to giant beasts OR they could lower their voice, wear bad clothes and collect shells in dark caves.


ICE PIRATES--After I was done with Time Bandits, I watched Ice Pirates. I repost it here because it's a ridiculously bad movie that I still have a fondness for.


DUNE--I didn't understand this as a kid, and I probably still don't, but even now I still think about The Spice (especially when making gingerbread cookies). And I thank Dune for being the birth mother to Tremors.



KRULL--What the hell WAS this movie? I was totally obsessed with it. I had the board game and used to go on adventure walks where I basically just walked around the block and imagined I was talking to a cyclops. (I still do this. Shhh.)

And can you guess my all-time favorite movie as a kid? I still reference it on the blog all the time. It's "Clash of the Titans". OF COURSE.


Then there was the great "Count Zappula" AKA Deputy Don. This was a local TV personality in Traverse City. (We moved into his neighborhood and I was shocked to see him mowing his lawn in his boxer shorts and nothing else.) He did a bad western show for kids in the morning, and then in the afternoon would put on makeup and use a Transylvanian accent to host a show where he played horror flicks from the 50s. (Think: Fall of the House of Usher, Wax Museum, The Blob.) It's why I love  Vincent Price movies, and I give Deputy Don credit for educating me on classic horror flicks.

And I have to give a nod to a series I first discovered as books around the age of 14, when there was nothing in the house to read because I'd already read all the Stephen King books twice. (My favorites: The Talisman and The Stand.) It's "Anne of Green Gables". Mix Anne Shirley in with all the above movies and you can see why I am the way I am. It all makes sense.

What movies shaped you?