This is a slightly INtoxcited Blog.

December 8l , 2012  



Oh. Sorry. Had the Caps on. I have finished with my classes, survived the hardest semester EVER, and have had two days to get caught up on audionbooks and prep and etc. and am now celebrating with my 2nd glass of wine. Actually, it's only ONE glass of wine. (But it's HUGE.)


Kealoha is off working. Not on the street corner or anything. He’s working a GIG. It involves frozen food and special lighting. I don’t know what the hell he’s doing but I know it involves driving, and VIP people, and possible frozen prawns. PRAWNS.

I miss him. Gone three days and home is just not the same without him. I mean, my husband fills the house with bad polka music and I an hear him laughinf gfrom random rooms when he looks at cat picture memes or whatr have you.

But still. I needed me some Tanya Time. Seriously. It’s been ages since I’ve had time to do nothing, and I needed to do nothing and answer to no one because my stress level has been off the charts.




Today…I had the house to myself. The kidas are at their dad’s so I worked all morning and recorded some saucy stories in my home studio. I mean SAUCY. Steampunk Erotica. It’s true. ME! Narrating stories about heaving bosoms and pink things and mechanical devises built just for pleasure. And I used an ENGLISH accent. And what I think may have possibly been Austrialian. Occasionally. Just for the Hobbits.


Then I got all worked up and walked on the treadmill for an hour or so. Then I made BALLS. Olive cheese balls! Then I went to World Market! (Maybe not int hat odred). I contemplated buying a bag od yellow candy called Pee On Snow candy, but decided not to. I mean, it was funny, but it wasn’t $1.99 funny. And now I’m drinking wine BECAUSE I CAN.


This blog documents the dange r of drinking wine, alone, unwatcherd and unprotected, while your husband hels people with PRAWNS. Or whatever.


Gosh, I feel nice. I miss wine. I don’t do this often, but even middle-aged married moms need to kick back once in a while. And that’s what I’m doing I’m…






Just fell over.


Maybe more than two glasses of wine. Should probably switch to smaller glasses.


Merry Christmas everyone! Love and Kisses,




PS Buy some of my books for presnets. Because I need the money and they’re funny. Ish.