Three Scenes With Simone

SCENE 1 My mom and I were hanging out. Actually, we don't really hang out. I was driving us somewhere and my 5-year-old was in the back seat. I told my mom I had to get some new yoga pants, as my other five pair just weren't looking so good anymore, and I needed my yoga pants.

"Ma! Mom!" cried Simone. "But you don't DO yoga. Why do you need yoga pants?"

“The point of wearing yoga pants is to make people think I’m doing yoga, when really I’m just being comfortable.”

I could see Simone in the rearview mirror. She looked at me. Blinked her big blue eyes. “Mom. That doesn’t make any sense.”

She really is a clever girl.



“Mom. Ma! Mom. Come here! I need to talk to you.”

I can’t tell you how many conversations with Simone begin like this. When she needs to ‘talk to you’ she needs to do it IMMEDIATELY and it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. And it will take her five or so minutes to get to the point. It’s endearing and aggravating at the same time. Endearing most of the time, aggravating when she wants to talk to me about something and I have to go to the bathroom or go to work.

Here is a sample monologue. Please envision a 5-year-old girl with blond hair and blue, blue eyes saying this with a sort of 1930s movie star voice. We don’t know why she talks like this or says “sure” (rhymes with fur) like “shore” (two syllables). I think it’s a sign she’s going to be an artist of some sort.


Mom. Ma! Mom. Come here! I need to talk to you. Okay. So. FIRST of all. First of all. Mom. Ma. Sit down. I need to talk to you. Right now! Now. Okay. Uhm. So. Okay. Ma. FIRST of all. Why don’t we ever go on PillowPets dot com when I telled you I want to go on Pillowpets dot com. Mom. Okay. I know. But you telled me. Okay. Shoor. You told me. Told. And SECOND of all. SECOND of all I want one of those things that helps you look at the stars. Yeah. A telescope. When we going to get one of THOSE? But Christmas is forever away. And mom. Ma. SECOND of all. Okay. THIRD of all. I’m thirsty. I want some juice. I don’t WANT milk. Not milk. NOOoooOO! I could eat some ice cream though.



On Saturday, Simone woke up at 5:30 AM. It was black out still. When she woke up we went to her window to look for the stars, but it was too cloudy. I noticed a patch of clear black sky just beyond her field of vision. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s go outside.”

“What? Now?”

“Yep. Now. Let’s just give it a try.”

So we walked out into the sleeping, dark morning in our bare feet and pajamas. The deck was cool and wet with dew. I pointed. “Look up!” I said.

“Where?” she said. “I don’t see anything. It’s too many clouds.”

I moved her head.

She gasped. She really did. “Mom!” she breathed. “I can see the stars! They were there all the time and we just weren’t looking in the right place!”

I have to admit I got a little teary eyed then. It made me think how many times in life are we looking for the stars but angry when we can’t see them. If we’d just look in a different direction, we’d see the stars have been there all along.

Not only is my daughter creative and smart and wonderful, she’s also very wise.