Foodies Rush In

With the help of Dana's eternally-lactating sister Valerie, single mom Dana takes a once in a lifetime trip to a food conference in Las Vegas where she learns about selling her spicy chutneys, and meets the owner of a gourmet food store whose name suggests more nerd than knockout: Theodore Drimmel. Their weekend together ends in an impromptu ceremony where they're "married" by Elvis.

Dana returns home to Michigan, thinking that what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Dana's life, though, has other plans, and quickly goes from simmer to flambé . What happened in Vegas actually knocks on her door a week later. It seems Theodore isn't sure if he's legally married to Dana or not, and if he is, then his fiancée might be a little upset. What happens next involves a broken foot and a Michigan Guard father who is so intense he can carve a canoe out of a tree with just a toothpick and his bare teeth. 

"Foodies Rush In" is a story that proves that love can happen for anyone, even if your heart is broken and you're starting over. Even if you have a crazy family. Even if you're a nerd more comfortable with the recipe for a great chicken piccata than a recipe for a real relationship. If Iron Chefs can create delicious onion-flavored ice cream, then maybe two misfits can find the right recipe for love.