Tanya is a USA Today bestselling author, and an Audie Award-winning narrator of over 600 diverse titles. Her current romcom series is co-written with Sarina Bowen. Tanya is the voice of books from every big-5 publishing house as well as Audible, Brilliance, Blackstone and Tantor. 

Tanya as Writer

Tanya as Writer

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Narrator Tanya Eby delivers in spades for fans of Gerritsen’s bestselling series… Eby handles the familiar repartee between the two characters with aplomb and allows the warmth and caring they have for each other to shine through. Both Eby and Gerritsen are working at the top of their games.
— Audiofile Magazine
Narrator Tanya Eby gives a heartfelt narration, using a lilting, youthful voice, along with considerable acting abilities, to bring this paranormal story to life.
Eby distinctly portrays each of the principals and keeps listeners engaged with a deft performance.
— AudioFile Magazine

Recent Awards

Earphones Winner

Narrator Tanya Eby gives a performance to relish in this exploration of America’s food heritage… She presents the myriad facts about evolving food traditions with a fusion of journalistic directness and storytelling inflections.
…Eby also employs well-timed pauses to serve up several ironic twists, adding zest to this delightful listening experience.
— AudioFile Magazine


Narrator Tanya Eby brings life to the dead and the stories their bodies tell. Eby captures Melinek’s intellect, conscientiousness, and dark wit as she confronts difficult situations such as examining victims of murder and suicide and inventorying body parts from the September 11 terrorist attacks... Eby presents a well-rounded picture of a wife and mother who happens to practice what many would consider a dark profession.
— AudioFile Magazine

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