Tunnel Vision

1932. Michigan. An autumn storm. A home for the insane. 

Dr. Elliott Kinney arrives at the Northern Michigan Insane Asylum ready to ease psychological suffering with his modern techniques. Kinney is also running away from the torment of a dead sister and perhaps the loss of his own sanity. 

Under the asylum, in The Tunnels, a group of inmates travel freely within the shadows, keeping and tending to their own secrets. Kinney’s arrival will change everyone—especially Alma, a child born in the asylum, and raised to womanhood in secret. 

“Tunnel Vision” twists and turns, and is, in essence, a psychological Frankenstein. 

Along with the novella “Tunnel Vision”, Tanya Eby includes three stories from the edge: “The Perfect Neighbor”, “The Shedow”, and “Birth Day”. These stories are cold and haunting, and deal with the darker difficulties of what it means to be a woman in our new millennium.