20 Beautiful Things

This is the free write assignment for my class yesterday. I've been feeling grumpy and very blue lately, so I needed to remind myself that there are a lot of beautiful things in life, even when things maybe aren't going the way you hoped. Here are my20 Beautiful Things

1) When I come home from teaching and my kids are waiting for me, jumping up and down, pleased just to see me.

2) The sound of rain on the roof.

3) A first kiss.

4) All the kisses that follow.

5) That golden kind of light filtering through orange or red leaves.

6) when the moon is out at the same time as the sun, making me feel (even if only briefly) that I am on a new planet.

7) laughter. Real laughter. From the belly laughter.

8) People are beautiful. All people. Their faces, hair, bodies. If you stop and look, really look, you can see it.

9) My friends are beautiful. The way they talk to me, listen to me, shake their heads at the ridiculous things that happen.

10) A chocolate volcano cake, warm from the oven, topped with slowly melting vanilla ice cream.

11) Lake Michigan in a storm. Lake Michigan sleeping. Lake Michigan in winter, waves frozen mid-turn.

12) A tiny Indian restaurant in NYC, with ceilings and walls covered with teardrop lights.

13) Sitting in a bar listening to live music, any live music, but mostly jazz.

14) Someone rubbing their hands through my hair. This will make me love you a little bit.

15) Going out with someone for the first time, not knowing if anything will happen, just seeing endless potential before you.

16) Saying good morning.

17) Quiet mornings, awake before everyone else, drinking coffee and listening to the house.

18) Holding my kids’ hands when we walk to school.

19) The words ‘bubble’ and ‘love’ and ‘poppy’ and ‘hyperbole’.

20) When someone says “I love you” and you know, without question, that they do.