Who The F*** Is Tanya Eby?

This is not Tanya Eby. Tanya Eby has no idea who this lady is, but she appreciates her fashion choices. 

This is not Tanya Eby. Tanya Eby has no idea who this lady is, but she appreciates her fashion choices. 

So maybe you’ve read MAN HANDS because you love Sarina Bowen…and when you look at the cover, you’re like “Who the fuck is Tanya Eby?” It’s a valid question. I haven’t exactly developed a presence in the romance world for writing; it’s all been narrating.

MAN HANDS isn’t my first book, actually. I’ve written 7 or so? I’m too lazy to go check. The first book was EASY DOES IT, a romcom that has one of my favorite scenes that involves a shrimp balancing on the heroine’s chest.  I frequently lose things down my shirt when I eat. This happens when you’re chesty, you wear v-necks, and you have terrible fine motor skills. So sometimes I find stuff down there. Popcorn. Raisinets. A hairbrush. It’s fodder for inspiration…also late night snacks.

Then I wrote BLUNDER WOMAN. BW is my spirit animal. For the longest time, I kept falling for guys that wanted nothing to do with me. Blunder Woman is about a woman finding out what’s important, and it ends differently than you might expect.

Next was PEPPER WELLINGTON AND THE CASE OF THE MISSING SAUSAGE and FOODIES RUSH IN. One’s a murder mystery/comedy (I have a penchant for naming characters after sausage) and the other’s a romcom with very little angst.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 3.48.06 PM.png

Then I got tired because I was writing funny stuff but I had an audience of five. Maybe six. And I couldn't get published traditionally, or get an agent, or find anyone who believed in me. So I stopped writing.

I just stopped. This was my big Dark Moment and it lasted for a long time. Like three years. 

Then I got all emo like I was 17 again. I started listening to 80s new wave music, dressed all in black, and decided to delve into my darker side. I wrote some gothic stuff. Psychological. Creepy. Historical. Literary. I loved it. But it turns out, most people don’t like to read stuff that makes them depressed. Huh. I couldn’t even pay my family to read it. Guess they didn’t need that dollar.

So I stopped writing. Again. Completely. And I got angry and morose and I was kind of annoying to be around.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 3.51.38 PM.png

I threw myself into narrating. It’s my full-time gig, I work from home, and I get to read awesome stories out loud. I love every minute of it. Truly.

But I felt like I was missing something. I was missing being in love. I still got to read love stories, perform them even, but I didn’t get to write them.

Once my antidepressants kicked in, I wrote a funny scene with three girlfriends in a bar. I wanted something that was bawdy and pure fun. Something to balance the dirge of 2017. And I had a new mantra for myself. The Fug It mantra. SEE THIS BLOG. I got to a point where I was stuck, and lacked any confidence whatsoever so I sent it to Sarina Bowen for advice. We’d been working together on audiobooks and trading emails. Then on a whim I just thought, damn. I should ask her to write the book with me.

She said yes.

Shocking, right?

So we wrote MAN HANDS and MAN CARD and it was delightful. We’re gearing up to write the 3rd book in March…and I’m working on a comedic novel that’s women’s fiction. Really, it’s just a comedic novel. There isn’t enough good laughs in the world right now, and I’d like to help make people snort. Or chuckle. Actually, I want to make people snurkle. I’m also toying with a post-apocalyptic detective story because…I don’t know exactly. Because it sounds fun.

Here, then, is the summary of who I am: A writer who’s chesty, uncoordinated, gives up, gets back at it, and keeps on trying.

I also have super long second toes. It’s true. I’ve posted about it on Instagram.

And hey…MAN CARD is coming out soon. You should read it. And by you, I mean not just ladies, but dudes too. (You might learn something about women and dating and also get turned on a little). MAN CARD is funny, sweet, and holy shit there are some sexy scenes in there that you could get pregnant from. Seriously. MAN CARD will impregnate you. Dudes, I’m speaking to you too.

Anything else you’d like to know, just ask. I’ll either answer and/or obsess over it.